Perspectives of Science and Education

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Perspectives of Science and Education – is a peer reviewed international scientific electronic journal published six times a year.

Aims and scope:

To promptly reflect relevant problems, ways to solve them, and the results obtained by researchers in the field of education and related scientific fields of human studies: philosophy of education, educational psychology, social pedagogy, history of pedagogy and childhood, educational policy and law, management in education, etc.

Key focus areas of the journal:

  • Philosophy of education, methodology, information
  • General education issues
  • Vocational training problems
  • Methods for teaching specific subjects
  • Languages studies
  • School and pre-school education issues
  • Social pedagogy
  • Inclusive education
  • Pedagogy and psychology
  • History of pedagogical thought
  • Information and mathematical methods in education
  • Military pedagogy
  • Advanced training and retraining of education workers
  • Management in education

ISSN 2307-2334 (Online)


Registered as:
Key name: Perspektivy nauki i obrazovaniâ
Abbreviated name: Perspekt. nauki obraz
Parallel title: Perspectives of science and education

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On the modern stage of scientific and technological development and enhancement of integration and interosculation of Sciences, there is a need in the functioning of journals that reflect scientific achievements and researches  in different fields of knowledge. In conditions of media division, there are situations when the interesting researches  and developments are known only by limited group of specialists, i.e. the results of the researches do not spread widely. On-line, multi-disciplinary journal has been designed to reflect the actual problems, ways of its solutions and the results of researches, of both young and experienced scientist in different and related fields of science. The Journal “Perspectives of Science and Education” allows you to keep abreast of most interesting scientific developments. There are several editions of a similar direction in Russia, which have similar aims and purposes, but they do not provide the quickly feedback to the authors, thereby delaying the process of “dialogue” between science and practice. The Journal “Perspectives of Science and Education” is oriented to provide the opportunity of interesting articles publication to authors from Russia and other countries and continents.

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