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Issue 1 (Jan./Feb.)


Perspertives of Science and Education, 2014, no. 1 (7). FULL VERSIONDOWNLOAD!


Philosophy, methodology, information

V. V. Zinchenko - Model «new humanism» in the value system and principles of modern social philosophy of education: pdf_140101
N. D. Popovych - Social-philosophic criticizing of non-anthropocentrism: pdf_140102
O. Y. Romanenko - Specifics of social forecasting as a special type of scientific research: pdf_140103
N. V. Konovalenko - Democratic framework of the freedom of speech: possibilities and limitations: pdf_140104
A. A. Maiorov - Spatial cognitive modeling: pdf_140105
S. A. Kudzh - Multidimensionality consideration of complex systems: pdf_140106
V. Ia. Tsvetkov - Claude Elwood Shannon, as the founder of digital simulation: pdf_140107
I. V. Solov'ev - Ideal, formal, material – in information messages: pdf_140108
V. Ia. Tsvetkov - Tacit knowledge and its variants: pdf_140109
S. A. Kudzh - Organization geodata: pdf_140110
O V. Zaitseva - Ontological domain model research organization: pdf_140111
I. V. Solov'ev - Domain ontologies in geosciences: pdf_140112
S. N. Priima - Ensuring the semantic interoperability of open adult education systems through agent-ontological approach: pdf_140113
R. V. Maier - About computer modeling of technical systems in the environment of Free Pascal: pdf_140114
R. I. Ostapenko - Features of modeling latent changes using AMOS SPSS: pdf_140115

General issues of education

A. N. Veriaskina - Teaching humanities in the conditions of the modern technological revolution: pdf_140116
V. I. Tarlavskii - Regional system of education: professional orientation opportunities: pdf_140117
M. N. Krylova - Optimal organization of education as a condition of formation of professional competences: pdf_140118
K. A. Pushkareva - Personnel competence as a factor in the quality of education: pdf_140119
G. V. Samuseva - Professional self-determination of students in conditions of a competence approach: pdf_140120
G. I. Zhelezovskaia, N. V. Abramova, E. N. Gudkova - Creative environment as a factor of creative self-development: pdf_140121
O. A. Sazykina - Professors of Russian Universities: problems and ways of optimization of scientific-pedagogical career: pdf_140122
A. I. Shutenko - Sociocultural dominants and measurements of educational space of the higher school: pdf_140123
T. A. Ozhereleva - Economics and sociology of educational services: pdf_140124
A. V. Shevchuk - Information technologies as stimulating factor of regional educational systems: pdf_140125

Problems of professional training

E. N. Shutenko - Self-realization of students in modern university as the humanitarian problem of youth socialization: pdf_140126
E. A. Gus'kova, I. V. Shavyrina - The inefficiency of self-realization of training at the University as the result of unmotivated choice of profession: pdf_140127
M. A. Berseneva, E. R. Nikonova - Compositional modeling in the training of architects: pdf_140128
E. N. Vechkasova, E. R. Nikonova - Formation of professional and cultural competence of urban planners in the process of learning the fundamentals of composition skills: pdf_140129
Iu. V. Das'kova - To the question of artistic autonomy as a significant component in the content of the professional graduate competencies in the direction of «Design»: pdf_140130
E. R. Nikonova - System approach in modeling the process of preparation of architects for the professional activity in the course of the development of social planning in high school: pdf_140131
D. V. Borisenko - The use of innovative technologies and the parallax effect in the educational process of training of engineers-designers: pdf_140132
A. N. Kapustin - Features of solving mathematical problems by university students based on Internet-resources: pdf_140133
O. V. Igumnova - Psycho-educational aspect of the concept «cadets and students’ readiness for group interaction in departmental higher educational institutions»: pdf_140134
E. N. Voronova - Modern technologies and methods of teaching foreign language in higher educational institution: pdf_140135

Issues of school and preschool education

E. A. Kharitonova - Health-saving technologies in the formation of the emotional health of preschool children: pdf_140136
A. Iu. Amirshadian - Organization of supportive behaviors of the teachers in the educational process: pdf_140137


N. D. Dzhiga - Conceptual, organizational and methodological support of empirical research of creation productive subject of education: pdf_140138
O. A. Stavitskii - Psychological model of handicap-phobia: pdf_140139
L. N. Molchanova, A. I. Red'kin - Resilience as a determinant of the state of mental burnout among the rescuers EMERCOM of Russia: pdf_140140
I. V. Fokina - Innovative aspects in the teaching of psychology for non-psychologist: pdf_140141
S. A. Falkina - Psychological characteristics of teenagers inclined to victim behavior on the Internet: pdf_140142
S. M. Mustafaev - Peculiarities of the non-verbal expression of teenagers with Internet-dependent behavior: pdf_140143


I. A. Borovaia, I. S. Bocharnikova - Specific features of perception of the phenomenon of occultism in contemporary russian society: pdf_140144


S. V. Moshcheva - Language peculiarities of the modern mass media (on the material of Russian advertising texts): pdf_140145
A. M. Prokhorova - Color symbolism in the Russian and English sustainable phrases: pdf_140146

Art and design

A. M. Ageev, V. S. Gorbunova - Modernism – specific or infinite? pdf_140147
A. V. Aleshkov, E. R. Nikonova - Features of the depiction of furniture in the interior in the professional training of the designer: pdf_140148
N. A. Kuziaeva, V.S. Gorbunova - Dome construction as a way of realization of new architectural ideas: pdf_140149


O. M. Korobeinikova, D. A. Korobeinikov - Minimize financial risks in payment system in the public transport: pdf_140150
E. T. Prokopchuk - Features of application of value-added tax in relation to agriculture: pdf_140151
L. D. Revutskii - Fundamental cost, fundamental value and the fair value of the enterprise: concepts, indicators and methods of their identification: pdf_140152
S. N. Basova, A. A. Kakurina - Integrated marketing communications of the Bank as a factor of its competitiveness on the market of financial services: pdf_140153
V. Iu. Ryzhenko - Russian oil industry: state and problems: pdf_140154


Z. Z. Petrovich - Spiritual-cultural phenomenon of the modern law: pdf_140155

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