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Issue 3 (May/Jun.)


Perspertives of Science and Education, 2013, no. 3 (9). FULL VERSIONDOWNLOAD!


Philosophy, methodology, information

S. V. Bulgakov - Aggregation information models: pdf_140301
V. Ya. Tsvetkov - Formation of innovative potential: pdf_140302
I. A. Romanov - Application of information units for management: pdf_140303
S. A. Kudzh, V. Ya. Tsvetkov - Systematic approach to the dissertation research: pdf_140304
V. I. Tarlavskii - About the region's potential as the concept: pdf_140305

General issues of education

F. N. Nagoi - Paradigms of education: methodology and integrative pedagogical practices: pdf_140306
N. M. Oboliaeva - Comparison of models of quality education: pdf_140307
N. A. Voitleva - Scientists on the essence of teaching creativity: pdf_140308
M. T. Terzieva - Teacher Tolstoyan – occurrence "Andrey Krystev": pdf_140309
V. A. Kuznetsov, O. Iu. Kuznetsova - Business communication in the pedagogical collective: pdf_140310

Problems of professional training

E. R. Nikonova, I. V. Nikonov - About need of studying by architects of bases of social design in higher education institution: pdf_140311
Iu. V. Das'kova - Diagnosis and results of experimental work of formation of creative independence of students-designers: pdf_140312
T. V. Rikhter - The formation of professional competence of students of pedagogical universities: pdf_140313
A. A. Rudykina, G. S. Ostapenko, R. I. Ostapenko - Results of research of professional competences of students of the medical College – future nurses: pdf_140314
T. N. Pankova, E. B. Larina - Individual work of students as one of the important forms of organization of educational process: pdf_140315
E. S. Kapinova - Method of the use of interactive training in teaching foreign language guides: pdf_140316
O. V. Grebik - Pedagogical conditions injury prevention among University students during the classes table tennis: pdf_140317
N. V. Ermolina, O. V. Morozova, A. P. Iaroshinskaia - Innovative approach in training specialists in physical culture with families upbringing children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system: pdf_140318
V. S. Dmitruk - The role of systematic valeological installation of younger schoolboys: pdf_140319


Iu. V. Stavropol'skii - Sociological phenomenology A. Schutz and formation Japanese phenomenological sociology: pdf_140320
T. F. Volkova - The study of consumer qualities of the urban environment: pdf_140321


E. L. Slavgorodskaia - Psychological analysis of pedagogical activity of teacher of the higher school: pdf_140322
D. A. Shamshurin - The problem of uniqueness in the manifestation of individuality by exteriorization of the inner world in the youth environment: pdf_140323
N. V. Reutova - The correlation between the degree of aggressiveness and behavioral strategies in adolescents with mental retardation: pdf_140324
M. V. Skripkar' - The image of death in modern cinema: pdf_140325
G. M. Shaverdian - Lessons of demonism for psychologists: pdf_140326


I. V. Agapova, V. S. Gorbunova - Mathematical modelling in architecture and town planning: pdf_140327

Art and design

M. A. Mereniasheva, N. V. Bondar - Design as a cultural phenomenon. Its embodiment in a checkerboard design: pdf_140328
O. I. Dubrova, M. A. Mereniasheva - Russian costume in the style of "deconstruction": pdf_140329


P. Iu. Kurmaev - The essence and the basic principles of state regulation of regional development: pdf_140330
L. D. Revutskii - The value and cost of enterprises: concepts and indicators: pdf_140331

Skills development

L. V. Ivanova - Model of development of project competence of the teacher: pdf_140332
A. V. Molozhavenko - Humanization of technology supervision of postgraduate education: training of educational psychologists in the professional development: pdf_140333

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