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Issue 4 (Jul./Aug.)


Perspertives of Science and Education, 2014, no. 4 (10). FULL VERSIONDOWNLOAD!


Philosophy, methodology, information

M. I. Boichenko - Transdisciplinarity as a challenge for academic character of science and education: pdf_140401
R. G. Bolbakov - Analysis of cognition in science and education: pdf_140402
E. E. Chekharin - Information model of the semantic environment: pdf_140403
I. V. Solov'ev - Cataloguing and indexing of information resources: pdf_140404
I. A. Nagaeva - Modeling of the universal set of electronic educational-methodical resources on the basis of information and educational resources: pdf_140405
A. A. Maiorov - Geoinformation system analysis: pdf_140406
N. A. Bakhareva - Synergetic processes in the near-earth space: pdf_140407
O. V. Pospelova - Place of metatheoretical reflection in the structure of political sciences: pdf_140408

Problems of professional training

V. Ia. Koval'chuk - New forms of assessment of educational achievements of students: pdf_140409

The teaching of separate subjects

Iu. V. Das'kova - Features of construction of the discipline "Fundamentals of manufacturing excellence": pdf_140410
A. Iu. Shirokikh, N. M. Vorob'eva - On translating financial and economic texts in the English classroom context: pdf_140411


E. A. Gorshkov - American social psychology: European root: pdf_140412
S. V. Moshcheva - To the problem about behavioral patterns and value orientations of modern society (on the material of Russian texts of the mass media): pdf_140413
E. N. Shutenko - Social phenomenology and subjective indicators of self-fulfillment of students youth: pdf_140414

Problems of school and preschool education

T. V. Guseva, E. N. Bogdanova - Junoir schoolchildren social and financial education: implementation of problem approach: pdf_140415
D. M. Ignatov - The study of the specific conditions and factors determining the development of motor skills of primary school students: pdf_140416
E. I. Chernysheva, N. V. Nahabenko - The development of artistic and creative abilities in primary school children in the classroom technology: pdf_140417
E. I. Chernysheva, L. A. Zubareva - Development of creative thinking in primary school children on the narrow circle activities in association "Soft Toy": pdf_140418


E. V. Kostiuchenko - Creative determinants of formation of perceptual image of the world in students: pdf_140419
I. V. Fokina - The specifics of the preventive work of the psychologist with examination anxiety among school students in secondary school: pdf_140420
I. V. Bakiko - Rational organization of leisure as an effective means of combating alcoholism high school students: pdf_140421
G. S. Ostapenko, R. I. Ostapenko - The study of creativity in the structure of cognitive development in heterochronic adolescents: pdf_140422


Iu. M. Kuks, T. A. Luk'ianova - The history of fresco (Part 1. Ancient fresco. Two transformations): pdf_140423
Z. R. Mingazova, O. F. Churkina - Business reputation of state servants: the experience of development in pre-revolutionary Russia: pdf_140424


I. A. Murzinova - Falling-rising tone in English everyday discourse (on the material of the film «Pride and Prejudice (2005)): pdf_140425

Art and design

T. F. Volkova - Types of modern housing and differentiation living environment: pdf_140426
M. A. Mereniasheva - Conceptual creativity and improvisation in teaching children exhibit design: pdf_140427

Economics and management

T. A. Ozherel'eva - Development of marketing of educational services: pdf_140428
P. D. Kuzhelev - Geoinformation technologies in the management of transport: pdf_140429
O. V. Sul'dina - Efficiency as a criterion performance of companies: pdf_140430
E. T. Prokopchuk - Features the transformation of a special regime of VAT in the production and processing of agricultural products: pdf_140431

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