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Issue 5 (Sept./Oct.)


Perspertives of Science and Education, 2014, no. 5 (11). FULL VERSIONDOWNLOAD!


Philosophy of education, methodology, information

V. Ya. Tsvetkov - Informative description picture of the world: pdf_140501
S. A. Kudzh - Synergetics spatial information: pdf_140502
P. Iu. Elsukov - Dichotomous structuring optimization model: pdf_140503
I. V. Solov'ev - About a problem of research of information sphere of the Earth: pdf_140504
V. M. Markelov - About system information in additive information systems: pdf_140505
A. A. Lobanov - Geoknowledge as a new form of knowledge: pdf_140506
N. I. Kovalenko - Extraction of knowledge for intelligent transport systems: pdf_140507

General issues of education

I. V. Arzhanova, V. M. Zhurakovskii, A. B. Vorov - Network of national research universities formation as large institutional innovation in the structure of higher education in Russia: pdf_140508
T. V. Timokhina - Inclusively oriented education: pdf_140509
G. Iu. Franko - Search for the meaning of life and ideals: pdf_140510

Problems of professional training

T. N. Lobanova - The ethical and professional aspect of preparation of students to the research activity in Sinology: pdf_140511
D. V. Вorisenko - Realization of innovative and communicative range of technologies in studying of special disciplines at vocational training of the engineer-designer: pdf_140512

The teaching of separate subjects

P. P. Zhulikov, O. V. Zhulikova - New forms of teaching economic disciplines: pdf_140513
N. V. Kochergina, A. A. Mashin'ian - The idea of the unity of self-organization and self-disorganization in school physics courses: pdf_140514

Social pedagogy

M. S. Todorova - Self-esteem as a factor sociometric status of children in the group: pdf_140515

Problems of school and preschool education

M. T. Terzieva - Teaching literacy and literary reading in Bulgarian kindergartens from 1944 until 1989: pdf_140516

Pedagogy and psychology

M. I. Stasiuk - Emotional reaction to the teacher’s stressors: pdf_140517
L. N. Molchanova, T. A. Shchepotina, A. I. Red'kin - Subjective picture of the vital way of rescuers of the ministry of emergency measures in unfinished psychotraumatic situation as determinant of hardiness and the condition of mental burning out: pdf_140518
I. V. Bakiko - Creating a proactive stance on healthy lifestyles among young people: pdf_140519
M. T. Drigus - The issue of personality development in scientific heritage of P.G. Redkin: pdf_140520

History of pedagogical thought

Iu. M. Kuks, T. A. Luk'ianova - The history of fresco (Part 2. Genesis of technology of pure lime plaster bases of the frescoes): pdf_140521

Learning languages

K. A. Trushkina, V. S. Gorbunova - Peculiarities of communication in English in India: pdf_140522
M. N. Krylova - The use of lexical antonyms in a speech: success and failure: pdf_140523

Art and design

E. R. Nikonova, B. A. Churliaev - Architectural concept of tourist information centre as possibility of advance of tourist navigation across Penza and the Penza region: pdf_140524
M. A. Mereniasheva, M. A. Podsekina - Stairway – the way of cognition: pdf_140525
Iu. M. Kuks, T. A. Luk'ianova - To the question about the technology of oil painting (Chapter 1): pdf_140526

Economics and management in education

L. D. Revutskii - About vicious policy of the comprehensive standardization of assessment activity in Russia: pdf_140527
A. I. Denisov - Statistical data analysis in the managing a web site based on (for example website of the journal «Perspectives of science and education»): pdf_140528
E. N. Bogdanova, I. V. Borodin - Status and prospects of shipbuilding and ship-repairing industry in the Russian Federation: pdf_140529

Legal bases in education

A. A. Shepelev - Forms of participation of the prosecutor in civil proceedings: pdf_140530

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