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Issue 1 (Jan./Feb.)



Perspertives of Science and Education, 2015, no. 1 (13). FULL VERSIONDOWNLOAD!


Philosophy of education, methodology, information

R. G. Bolbakov - The relationship between explicit and tacit knowledge: pdf_150102
V. V. Zatiagalova - Philosophy geoinformation monitoring: pdf_150103
S. A. Kudzh - Geomonitoring as a process of knowledge: pdf_150104
V. Ya. Tsvetkov, V. T. Matchin - Conceptual building renovation program geodata: pdf_150105
T. A. Ozherel'eva - Resource information models: pdf_150106
I. A. Romanov - Application of information units for management: pdf_150107
V. Ya. Tsvetkov - Solving problems using a systematic analysis: pdf_150108
V. P. Savinykh - Space research as a means of forming a picture of the world: pdf_150109
A. A. Maiorov - About development geoinformatics and geomatics: pdf_150110

General issues of education

I. P. Deshko, K. G. Kriazhenkov - Labs as a service at study ICT courses: pdf_150111
E. V. Tymchenko, I. I. Skotnikov - Model computer business game as a learning tool: pdf_150112

Problems of professional training

L. P. Barylkina, G. S. Ostapenko - Problems of introduce and realization FSES and professional teacher standards: pdf_150113

Problems of school and preschool education

N. V. Morze, T. V. Mukii, O. N. Siurin - Development of reflective competencies and humanistic potential of the individual student's secondary school in the information society: pdf_150114

Pedagogy and psychology

A.S.Kocharian, A.A.Makarenko, Wang XiaoLong - Ratio valuable-accessible in different vital spheres Chinese students: pdf_150115
I. V. Fokina, E.V.Shchegoleva - Reflection as a condition of forming future teachers’ psychological competence: pdf_150116
S. M. Shcherbina - Analysis of the personal characteristics of women with experience of working
 with foster children: pdf_150117

Learning languages

M. V. Iordanova - Allegories, metaphors and allusions for/of freedom in the tales “Karachakal”
 by Georgi Raichev and “Yablan” by Petar Kočić: pdf_150118

History of pedagogical thought

M. T. Terzieva - In the Orbit of Tolstoyism: pdf_150119
T. A. Luk'ianova, Iu. M. Kuks - The history of development of frescoes. Part 4. The flourishing technology frescoes: pdf_150120

Economics and management in education

I. E. Iliakova, O. V. Sul'dina - The main determinants of the economic nature of public progressing: pdf_150121
T. V. Tseliutina, D. L. Linkina, A. N. Poliakov - Rational behavior of the head and effective communication in the conflict: conflict management strategies: pdf_150122
T. V. Tseliutina, V. V. Kovalevskaia - Modern HR-tools: individual choice manager conflict management policy: pdf_150123
L. D. Revutskii - About the "accuracy" and validity of the determination of fair value of economically significant enterprises: pdf_150124
E. N. Bogdanova, N. P. Zalyvskii - Saving of population in the Russian Federation: legal aspect: pdf_150125
Iu. N. Shabalina - Actual issues for improving demographic situation in the Russian Federation on the example of Voronezh region: pdf_150126

Art and design-education

Iu. M. Kuks, T. A. Luk'ianova - To the question about the technology of oil painting. Chapter 3. Medieval information about processing oils: pdf_150127

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