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Issue 6 (Nov./Dec.)


Perspertives of Science and Education, 2015, no. 6 (18). FULL VERSION: DOWNLOAD!


Philosophy of education, methodology, information

N. I. Kovalenko - Information approach in constructing the world picture: pdf_150601
A. I. Pavlov - Information models and information units: pdf_150602
V. Ya. Tsvetkov - Triad as an interpretive system: pdf_150603
S. V. Shaitura - Geodata mining: pdf_150604
A. A. Baiandurova - Information models in ecological studies: pdf_150605

Problems of professional training

O. I. Torkunova, V. N. Maschin - Existential values in the formation of communicative culture of cadets and students of military schools: pdf_150606
E. V. Sharapova - Innovative methods of the syllabic word structure development of the children in a pre-school education institution: pdf_150607
G. V. Samuseva - The model of pedagogical support of the formation position of the subject learning activities of students: pdf_150608

Social pedagogy

N. S. Danakin, A. I. Shutenko - Technologies of providing the accessible environment for education of children with disabilities: pdf_150609

Pedagogy and psychology

С. J. Takyun - Types of attitude adolescents with atopic dermatitis gender aspect: pdf_150610
M. V. Baranovskaia, V. M. Malkin - «Capitalism and schizophrenia» and cyberspace: pdf_150611

History of pedagogical thought

E. V. Drozd - Military-vocational orientation in the preparatory military schools of the Russian Empire (mid 19th century – beginning of the 20th century, on the example of Voronezh province): pdf_150612

Information and mathematical methods in pedagogy

R. G. Bolbakov - Cognitive analysis of educational resources: pdf_150613
M. I. Aleinikova - The video as a means of learning a foreign language: pdf_150614

Art and design education

Iu. M. Kuks, T. A. Luk'ianova - Some technological features of tempera painting (part 1): pdf_150615
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