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N. V. Kochergina









Kochergina Nina Vasil’evna

(Russia, Moscow)

RISC: Карточка автора

Scientific degree: Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences
Position: Professor of the Department of Theory and Methodology of Teaching Physics. Senior Researcher
Institution: Federal Institute of Content and Methods of Teaching
Research interests: Theory and methods of Teaching Physics and Natural Sciences, Methodology of Physics and Natural Sciences
The experience of scientific and pedagogical work in schools and higher education: 25 years
The author’s publications in the journal “Perspectives of science and education”:
N. V. Kochergina, A. A. Mashin'ian - The idea of the unity of self-organization and self-disorganization in school physics courses: pdf_140514

A. A. Mashin'ian, N. V. Kochergina - Integrated tools for learning physics as the basis of the cognitive pedagogical technology: pdf_140613

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